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September 28, 2009


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Hi Vikram: I was subconsciously looking for a "Like" option to press after reading your blog, which I very much liked! I guess I have a facebook problem :-)

I suppose people like to read other people's status updates (and people like to post theirs) just like people like to read (and write)autobiographies and blogs. Other people and their lives are always and will always be interesting to us. We will always invent ways in which we can learn more about each other, even as the distinction of what is personal and public continues to diminish...


Inductive reasoning comes with its own flaws, it has to be said. Just because you found FB interfering with your blogging does not mean it is a wider problem. In fact most of my regular blogger friends, who are on Facebook (not a very large number since most of my contacts belong in either one or the other, not all, of my social networks), are blogging as regularly and able to generate dialogue both on blogs and on their FB walls.

Those, in whose lives I have no interest whatsoever - and this does not mean I need to or care to know everything they do - do not enter my walled garden on Facebook.

We can blame the tools all we want. In the end, we need to exercise our own discretion with the tools at our disposal.

PS: Oh by the way, you CAN control what people see and do not see on your Facebook exchanges. And most of us do. So there is no need for anyone to squirm unless the squirming comes from realising that one did not know that such "differential sharing" was indeed possible on Facebook. ;-)



I agree to your point on FB's differential sharing feature. In fact, I have found the said feature quite handy for my own posts on several occasions. My point is that FB is doing to blogging what email did to letter writing. With ever-shorter forms of expression like Twitter gaining ground, the question that comes to mind 'Is the market for internet based self-expression expanding or being cannibalized by shorter and easier tools?


Pratik, this post was entirely inspired by your hilariously funny efforts to fight the gnawing compulsion of posting an update with no witty inspiration at hand. I should give you credit on FB for this!


Hi Vikram,

First time here and the reason being here is the topic which u hv written about. FB has changed mylife a lot too. as the first comment goes above the first thing i serch is a "like" button.

However i hv been a blogger since 2007 (though the platform and the topic of blog is very different) and till today the FB cudnt take it completely from me..and i still feel both has its own limitatios and scopes...and for me it has allowed me to get introduced to many of my blogger frnd :)

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