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June 04, 2008


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Hi, I started to work with the Bharti Group on the 5th of May, my family will join me from Italy at the end of July, we will live in Gurgaon. Last week I requested admission to Pathways for my son, he is 9. I was told Pathways is a very good school, hopefully we won't be facing those problems, although I still expect something, at least because this thing will be completely new to my son and it will take time to him to understand how it works. Let's keep in touch ;-)

Mrinalini Rathore

Hi Geet,
Have been reading your comments on schooling in Pathways. can we be in touch via email. I have a few queries regarding the school as my child will be joining soon. I am returning to the mother- land after many mnay years and am anxious about my child's settling into the country as even tho he is indian he has never really lived on a long termn basis in india. He is looking forweard to coming to india very much and especially excited about pathways. We have applied at AES too but there is waiting list. I would love to know more about your experiences with pathways. My email add is : mrinalinirathore@yahoo.com.

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