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October 11, 2007


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Not sure if you are complaining. What is "adjusting back" such a pain? You knew this is how India is, no? Or you thought that just because you moved to NY, the world will change.
Don't you hate the dust? And the language? And the stink? And the public universal latrine that we make of mother earth?

Come on, NY stinks equally bad. Ever took a late night underground and got scared of the afro-americans looking at you (and a pool of piss all around)?

India is like this. You can't change a billion people in a lifetime.

Take it or leave it.


Sorry if I sounded rude, but this is a common phenomenon - i keep hearing the dudes who "come back" for good (FOB!) - trying to make feel they are doing a favour.

Hope you don't take it personally. This is a general rant against the FOBs (Fresh off the boat, for the un-initiated).


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