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October 12, 2007


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Rachana Kumar

Hi Vikram,

I really enjoyed your blog. It is a real insight into the mind of how a NRI would look at India again. Being a writer, I love to analyze what people feel at different situations. You have expressed yourself beautifully. Guess what? I really think you should get published. You have the knack for it, man! I can help you, if your interested.

Keep writing, Keep posting... so that I can keep reading...

Rachana Kumar


Hi there,
Nice blog. Just love people getting into blogging from India. I intend to return back to Mumbai, m hometown, pretty soon. I had a question about the banks. Any suggestion on which bank in Mumbai could be the best bet as an NRI. I have to expect a company I join in India might send me to US again, so I do not want to close the all accounts here. Is Citibank a good choice?


Hi Guys,

My name is Vasu and my family moved back to India in July. I will be moving back in October, my older daughter who is 15 years moved to Chennai and lived with my motherinlaw for the past 2 years, she loves it there. We are hoping that our younger daughter will adjust as well like her sister.
We will have to go with open mind and please do not forget that is our country which has given us birth, education etc, let us try to give back something to our motherland.

Good luck with the move



Mr. Vikram, Yours is an insightful blog. I have read a few different posts and enjoyed it very much. Regarding this post, I think culture shock is usually presented in a linear way- but it's actually circular- as life is rarely linear. As an American myself, I lived in India for a few years and I faced a lot of different kinds of culture shock. Looking back, I realized some aspects of life I adjusted to well, while others, I simply did not. But, if I look at my life in America- having been born and raised here as a 'typical American' to this day I still feel I am learning new ways to behave and act- and that too is a kind of culture shock/ life transition. That's maybe why you aren't sending your postcards- yet! Feeling totally comfortable in transitioning cultures has also to do with feeling comfy with ourselves, knowing who we are internally, and I feel it's quite spiritual, too. I made a small video on this topic, if you're inclined do take about 3 minutes to see it! Love to know your thoughts! Thanks.http://journeys.alaivani.com/videos/definecultureshock.html



Enjoyed your blog tremendously. I happen to be following your footsteps. I am currently in NYC, single and moving to GGN to be close to parents in New Delhi. I spent 3 months in New Delhi late last year doing up my apartment in GGN. That got me looking for a job in GGN. and Lo behold, it appeared- almost effortlessly. Obviously the heavens were answering my Mom's prayers. She seemed the happiest of us all. After spending 3 months squabbling with the contractors, almost running over divider crossing mobikes in GGN, I am dreading going there. But I am excited too. I also will sorely miss NYC, the greatest city in the world. By the way, are you still continuing to stay in India or coming back to the US?

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