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May 14, 2007


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Hey, while you are on the discovery trail, i would reco a few more spots to hit. A 'must visit' on the list should be Jama Masjid area (old dilli). Go there on a friday for the full monty. Start with Karim's which is good, but overrated, rather over hyped. They have the best 'burras'and decent korma and sheermal. But would urge one to get more adventurous and venture into the street and sample street fare- haleem, kababs, and awewsome mitha- shahi-tukda and phirni (oh, missed telling you that the phirni at karim's is gorgeous too). The next stop (on your next visit) should be Chandni Chowk- great chaats, bedmi-puris and kayasth veggie cuisine. Avoid parathewali galli- its way too overrated- while they have a good variety, they are all deep fried, which in my books is a bit of a put-off.
A word of caution- dont try to drive there. (i always have!) I am told the better thing to do is to drive to CP and take the metro upto jama masjid)
Next time i will tell you about CP fare- there are some interesting places there.

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