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December 11, 2006


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Hi Vikram,

Just noticed this somewhat old post which made me think of lawyers and contracts. The first task for a returning NRI like me is to buy a home to live in and I wonder if I can get a list of reputable lawyers in and around Mumbai/Pune to help me with the purchase. (I have very few relatives/friends who can be helpful in this regard). Similar lists of doctors, hospitals, tax accountants,financial planners and other service providers would also be useful. Is it possible to start a list on this blog or is that complicated? At some point in India's development, we should be able to have this organized alternative (or supplement) to word of mouth networking - don't you think? Perhaps we can at least post our positive experiences with service providers with their names.

To answer a query from Vivek (re tax issues), I would direct him to a Q&A column in India Abroad authored by A N Shanbhag and Sandeep Shanbhag.



Great Post.
I guess Trust-worthiness and Reputation matters every where and in all Businesses. I have seen IT projects go haywire and waste millions of $$, coz of lack of trust between Users and the IT dept, or betn IT and its Vendors.
On a diffn topic, are you running some type of a value fund - specializing in distressed assests ? Would be interested in knowing more.

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