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September 05, 2006


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Hey! I notice you say that the Nathula pass is the highest motorized pass in the world. Last summer I drove through Changla Pass (about 4 hours outside of Ladakh) -- it's at 17,800 feet, and one of the soldiers stationed there told me it was the *second* highest pass in the world. Which raises the question: which is the highest? And was he even telling the truth about Changla?

Vikram Chachra

Thanks for the correction. I went by local claims as well on Nathula's status as the highest motorized pass in the world. On further research, it turns out that Changla is the highest motorized pass in India, Tanglangla is the second highest and to be honest now, I am not sure of Nathula's ranking.


Are you sure Changla's the highest? I thought there was some other pass, on the road from Manali to Leh, that beat it. Ah well, who knows. They're all breathtaking!

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