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April 29, 2006


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Praveen Rengaraj

Hey Chachu,
Your blogs sure take me back many years.15 years is sure a long time, but like you say in your blogs,our minds refuse to accept the difference and instead accept the 18 to 21 that we can easily relate to.I quite enjoyed your Jamshedpur blog, I fondly remember the Jamsburg from the United States of Bihar as you and "Handsome Havoc" used to refer to Jamshedpur and of course,my first college date was from there too.Ho man, that was sometime ago.


I read your article about Real Estate. My father is in Real Estate in Cochin ( Kerala - India). He mentioned me about the high returns. I wonder people invest in stocks if it is not Google lolz..

Yeah you are right . We feel poor when you go back India. 10 Lakh Rs, its an old story now. People talk in crores.

Any way good luck and wish you a smooth settling over there

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