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April 07, 2006


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Delhi is emerging very fast . infact in world survey its mentioned that delhi is best place to live in India after studying and verifying all parameters.
With its huge service base delhi is on ths chart at global level


Hi, while Delhi does score higher in parameters listed in your blog, I still have my reservations when it comes to people's attitude towards work in Delhi. At least my impression is that Mumbai-kars are more aggressive and stick to deadlines, while Delhi-ites are more relaxed and are not exactly perturbed by any time lines! I assume that when you set up office, you will also recruit your associates from the same city. I have had some terrible experience with employee quality in Delhi. Especially mgt grads who fill up the lower mgt ranks. If your company also requires such ranks filled up, I suggest you re-evaluate Delhi.

Delhi (NCR) has world's no.1 two wheeler plant. Apart from that three other world class Bike plants ( Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda). Fourwheeler volume - What Delhi has it's dream for others. Take a case of White Goods & Electronics LG, SAMSUNG.... The world leaders are here.

You know why World leaders are here, because Delhites do the job seriously and more time bound , the don't beat their own trumpet. DELHITES work Hard and Party Harder. We enjoy every bit of life it may be at workplace or at movie hall or a Mall.. We Enjoy.... Delhites Just Chill


exactly way to go dude......

mumbaikars are just jealous of delhites...bcoz we are moving way ahead of them

we earn higher(see highest GDP in india)

and we party harder...we earn n spend n live life to fullest...

not like mumbaikars....fighting all the time....n crying n going to dance bars....and get thereself published on newspaper heading " girls aand boys caught in sex racket)


n yes.......delhi have 200 of world 5oo fortune company headquaarters.....

mumbai follows next with 121 and den bangalore....we value time n life


I am surpised to see the comments made by Himanshu, Ingmar, Mohit & Anonymous, and who so ever will read the comments would say that "it seems Delhi and Mumbai are two different countries".......... this is Atrocious

Aside to Vik:

It is important that which city is fulfilling your business needs accurately. The cost can be a concern but it can not be the only concern. What if your major customer base is located in Mumbai, would you still open office in Delhi?


bombay is way way way way better than delhi.
it is much more livable than delhi.....and anyway tht slow sleepin period of time has gone now!!
its the 21 st century now, but it seems tht delhiites are still livin in the 20th century of slowpokes.
the people of mumbai are also way more dependable than delhi!!
whn you are in delhi, 1 thing u must keep in ur mind tht u shud NEVER trust anyone!
and in mumbai u can be carefree.
climate wise also bombay is btr and safety wise also bombay is btr!!!


i have stayed in mumbai for 3 years and right now m in delhi for the last 5 years . i would stll like to go to mumbai. dilliwallas has got no dil, they r just ready to fight dats it.i would bet people who r not from delhi or mumbai can tell u which place has got nicer and decent people


Delhi scores over Mumbai in all aspects
- Cost of living
- Education instt
- Healthcare
- Infrastructure
- Cleanliness
- Health
- Dressing sense
- Asthetics
- People's ability to fight

Mumbai has none of the above....Im in Mumbai for 3 years and feel caged as getting anywhere takes huge time. People are efficient but systems are archaic and not progressive.One friend who is a Mumbaikar (a girl) loves Mumbai rains and when it gets flooded as she is used to walking on roads filled with water and when she can jump into the water and make a splash...(its a true story).There are only two classes in Mumbai..rich and poor and its very difficulot to enjoy urself with all the filth and slums around...People are immune to dirt, poverty etc...Everything is controlled by some dons and businessmen..esp real estate.Try finding nice medicine shops you will be shocked to find very few good shops and even they wont carry all the medicines...even the docs are cheats and made my wife undergo a unnecessary surgery in Lilawati and incur a huge cost for a simple pain in the hand(a very senior doc)...The place is very anti-muslim...anti-hindu, anti-delhi...

Mumbaikars have lost their intellectual capacity to debate as it doesnt suit the big business that controls the city...There is no dissent against the Govt ever..they can do anything and get away with it...they will never question poor quality stuff provided by the Gujju bizmen (like the new metro being built)...am sure will complete on time and collapse...

I hate Mumbai.


I mean..anti- Muslim, Anti-Delhi and Anti-North Indians


delhi can suck my balls
sandy, buddy, u just got unlucky with a couple bad experiences.
but i ASSURE you that ppl in/from mumbai are amazing. they're the nicest and kindest ppl in the world. they will be there fer u no matter what. ppl in mumbai form a certain brotherhood with each other, we are always there fer one another in times of need. this sort of thing is what delhi lacks BIG time. delhi's got no heart, unlike mumbai. Mumbai makes all the money fer the nation, delhi spends it. and then makes riddiculouusly shameless statements about the lack of amenities in mumbai. mumbai gets less than maybe one percent of what it deserves from the government. why? cuz the politicians in delhi choose to spend the money to make their own backyards better.
Mumbai is the best city in india, anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously dillusional. i rest my case.

ps: i am an indian who lives in Missouri, USA. I visit india once a year and spend 3 weeks in mumbai, 2 weeks in delhi and a week in kerala. just letting u guys know that my opinion is as un-biased as any person.

Shikha P

For Nayan,
Hey! I have spent a lot of time living in both these places and trust me, Mumbai wins hands down! Firstly the people are soooo much friendly, take a passerby on the road, he would more than warmly help you out if that is what you require. Secondly, people here respect the other’s time unlike in Delhi where the babu culture and I was born to rich parents culture makes normal things a drag! There is no place in India for sure and few others in the world that match up to Mumbai’s working style. Thirdly most people(particularly your neighbours)won’t gossip about you being out whom, which in delhi just seems to be part of life for the ladies. Most notable is the indomitable spirit of the city. Their capacity to fight together and help out each other in testing times like 26/7 the deluge or 7/11 the train blasts and the recnt 26/11 nov killings. People in Delhi seem to make a great deal of drama for brotherly love but when the there are testing times no one gives a shit. They land up raping their so called brother’s sisters. It is a city that I despise thanks to its pathetic crime against women rates. So I leave it up to you decide! I love Mumbai. Sure I know the prices of land and taxes touch the sky but the city is soooo much warmer beneath the shadow of its glamour. Its surely one great look at the big brilliant world we have with so many people from around different places. Not just from India but from over the world. You have people who range from daily wage earners to multi - millionaires! Dabbahwallahs to the richest industrialists- Ambanis, Birlas and Tatas and soooo many more. Btw here’s a bit of trivia, Mumbai has more living per sq. mile than even Manhattan and is also home to the world’s largest slum - Dharvi. Such a great mix of income groups and races. Also whoever wrote this article doesn’t know shit about Mumbai’s nightlife of restaurants. Check your facts!!!
Though I have to give it up for Delhi for the educational opportunities, hitory, theatre(not the cinema) and the infrastructure.
I will rest my case with an observation that for every international flight coming to India there is a ratio of 4:1, Mumbai to Delhi. Think!


After staying for over a year in Mumbai I think I am in a decent position to write about it. the time since I stepped on the lands of Mumbai this topic is always there on my mind and I use to be ready at all times to put a fight for sadi dilli , but as I have stayed longer in Mumbai I have realized that its not all that bad a place. Apart from being metros there are not many similarities between the two cities with Delhi being more materialistic and Mumbai being more glamorized. Delhi live to see all kinds of weathers to there extreme, on the other hand if you like wearing winter outfits, you will die praying for one cold day in Mumbai. Delhi can be laid back at times, be it a match between India and Pakistan or rains (whatever it has to face) whereas Mumbai doesn’t stop for anything or anyone be it rains or a bomb blast in local trains. Life in Delhi has a tinge of coolness to it on the other hand life in Mumbai it’s a struggle a day. In Delhi you can wake up at 8, read newspaper, have a nice breakfast without thinking of any traffic jams or missing 9 o’clock train. Where as in Mumbai it’s so easy to roam around the city even at 12 midnight, this city really never sleeps be it 12 midnight or 4 AM you can find a rick(auto for delhiites) and the best part is auto drivers doesn’t argue over meter reading.
One of the major difficulties for any outsider in Mumbai is traveling in local trains, it’s a struggle everyday, the trains are so packed that you can easily get lost among the perfumes used by fellow commuters.
Food is quite expensive in Mumbai and some how the food also stands in between north and south(just like geography), we get vada and idli and not parathas for breakfast. It seems all the cooks are from Karnataka as the distinctive taste of north Indian food prepared in south Indian style is always present. If I am talking about food how can I forget about ‘BAI’, how beautifully does Mallika Sherawat sums it up in Pyaar ke side effects, ‘bai aadhe time to aati hi nai aur har cheez mei kari patta daalti hai….’ Also I want to add har cheez mei extra raai bhi daalti hai .
Mumbai’s night life is rocking; pubs discos and even chaopati are amazing. I think this is a major point which distinguishes Mumbai from other cities even Delhi does not have such an active night life.
People in Mumbai are very spirited even as I say that each day in Mumbai is a struggle for a Delhiite like me, I must say it’s the spirit of people here that keeps them going.
How can any article written on metros be summed up without mentioning about fashion and GALS…As I have said earlier Delhi is very materialistic so the girls from the national capitol likes to show off with different kinds of make ups and hair styles where as in Mumbai, gals very subtle. Delhi gals are any day more beautiful than there Mumbai counterparts but gals in Mumbai possess great bodies. I think I should end this here before any female gets offended.
All in all both are great cities both have different lifestyles.

Some staggering facts and figures.

Mumbai's population density is 28,834/KM sq. where as its total area is 437.77 KM sq
Delhi's population density is 9294/ KM sq where as its total area is 1483 KM sq.

P.S Author is a hardcore delhiite


I think Mumbaikars have not been able to understand the city Delhi.
Having spent many years in mumbai when I came to Delhi, I didnt find the city as cosmopolitan as mumbai in the first place. On reaching at Delhi station is like landing in mess and then it was all pathetic to go to my freinds house to Shahadra. for few days I couldnt find anything interesting there.
Then I decided to roam around myself. I decided to buy a map and started reading it. slowly I realized unlike Mumbai business in Delhi is not concentrated and its more scattered to its six suburbs like Noida, gr.noida ,ghaziabad, gurgaon, manesar and faridabad three of which lie in UP and rest in haryana. people in bombay travel each of morning from suburbs to main city while its opposite in Delhi.
Most of factories are located in Faridabad, Ghaziabad and IT majors have their offices in Noida and gr.noida . Call centre industry is located in gurgaon and manesar.
yes I agree there is no business in Delhi and its bcoz there are lot of restrictions out there.
I was surprized to find a forty story building in gr.noida where as there is hardly any building in delhi more than 30 story and there are just 2 story flats all over the city. In suburbs highrises are easily seen.
Well I dont think that Delhi + Ncr is better than Mumbai but I think it has become comparable.
If Delhi has beautiful buses then mumbai has one of the best bus survices and when I mean bus service its about large no. of buses along with frequent trips.
one can find easily find the bus even in night.
Service of metro in delhi can be compensated with local trains while stating mumbai metro is soon to bcome a reality
Above all climate, view of mumbai is far better than delhi.
But yes Delhi is fast catching up and its likely that soon Delhi will overtake Mumbai

SumiT Verma

Hi, well I lived in both cities & I found that both cities are different in all the aspect.
delhi is emerging vs mumbai is stagnant.
delhi has spectacular India gate view vs Mumbai has spectacular Marine Lines view.
people are rough in delhi vs people are soft in Mumbai
Delhi has enthusiastic people Vs Mumbai Has only drunkards
delhi has nice weather Vs Mumbai as only weather like their people
But cities are expensive


Why are you fighting baby?
The comments you made only shows your Insecurity.
Relax we are in the same Country. And stop being such a racist nobody wants to know if you are non-muslim or anti-Mumbai.
Anger only shows how Helpless you feel.


interesting fight is going on here...
the basic difference between Mumbai and Delhi (according to me) is... Mumbai is number of people...huge in numbers where as place is so less as compare to population and how we work is completely depend on how you live, Mumbaikar are just curious about their own life whereas delhi people have relaxd time to get curious for their social life.


I would like to say that all d hype bout mumbai is fast diminishing...nd its gettin worse day by day...in contrast delhi is improvin coz there r resons behind it...first of al its our capital...proper flow of funds....own govt....proper plan of action...our platform to the world org like world bank...nd UN....mumbai needs to increase in space ...dats it


Mumbai and Delhi are both great cities. Both of them have their own positives and negatives.


delhi is any day better den mumbai.delhi is emerging with pace while mumbai is still. mumbaikers r jealous of delhites cuz delhites outshine dem in a no. of respects . fashion comes at buzz in delhi .moreover delhi girls r really awesome whereas mumbai girls suck when it comes to beauty. delhi is much more organised den any city in country


People i m from delhi n hav been in mumbai for past 1 year...i think u jus cnt compare delhi with shit of mumbai...mumbaities r no way soft..u cn see jus to call someone they whistle...they call eveyone uncle n aunty whteve be age..(lolzz).. ppl say mumbai is safe..arey it will be safe naa..ther r lakhs of ppl lyin on strret all tyme of a day be it nyt or morning or afternonn..ab salman khan ne foothpath pe bhi gadi chadai to log to marenge hi naa..har jagah to log hi log haii..houses here r like pinjra..therz in nothin calld balcony over here..here peopl lik eatin thanda vada pav..hahah..rely pathetic it iss mann..everywher u go u cn see garbage dumped, kids without vests runnin here n ther in almost all parts..it feels lik a village here... nxt these ppl say they earn half of nations income...areey bhai aisa ghus ghus ke croro logo ko rakhoge to kuch paisa to kamoge ki nahii...itne log bhar liye hai ki poocho matt..kahi chaath pe koi latak ra hai kahai train ke upaar baitha hai..aur to yaha sirf auto hi auto..gande se insects ki tarah dikhne wala balck n yellow autos hi dikhenge yaha parr..cars to dikhti hi nahi compard to autos n taxis..thn skool aur colleg to aise hai ki sirf building ki hoti hai koi ground wagarh to hota hi nahii in 70% of school n collegues...thtswhy kids n all r playin on roads alwyss..ther n no gardens to be seen..i wonder wher this oxygen to liv comes from ovr here..lolzz...mumbaities say delhi ke auto wale r too bad to talk bt they forget tht m,ost of auto wallah here r frm north only..thn yaha aake wo baadal jaate hai kya!!! i wonder... aur haan mumbaities finaly frm my side u ppl rerally s***...u guys r kanjoos number one...u ppl lik stayin in garbages n toilets of other ppl becz u luv itt( soory i dnt)... uu ppl lik lively life here...mann i wnt to liv decent life and not a nite life.. hahaha... buddhe hoke bhi lagta hai ye matthi bhai nite life hi manate rahenge.. MANN MUMBAITIES( MIX OF 50% GUJJUS, 45% MARATHI N 5 % MARWARI) GET LOSSSTTTT...U GUYS R LOOZZERRR..JUS KEEP PRAISIN URSELF BECZ U KNW U CNT HURT UR EGO...

Mudit G

i forgot to add one more thing frens in above tht..ther r no thackere's in delhi..Everyone is welcome in Delhi, no body has to worry about from where they are and what languages they speak...

Royal challenger

Let me try to give my honest opinion,
Disclaimer, i have homes in Delhi and Mumbai and shuttle between these 2 cities and i have grown up in Bangalore.

Mumbai :-

1) More cosmopolitian ( Marathis, Gujjus, UPites, Tamils, Kannadigas, Biharis, Mallus, Punjabis, Bengalis, Marwaris Telgus etc.) Even mix of people, majority being Marathis and Gujjus. Great people, professional and hard working. ( This is
Subjective ). I have seen uber rich people travel in the public transport. Best night life in the country. City that never sleeps, people out on the streets even at mid night. Safe for working women even to travel alone late in the night.

2) Public transport ( suburban trains ) is crowded and runs 3 times the capacity, suburban trains need a major revamp. Neglect from the Indian railways and lack of big ticket funding from the Central Govt has ensured that system has not upgraded enough. The good thing is trains are efficent and reliable, run from early morning before day break till past midnight with a very good frequency.

The Metro and Monorail is under construction and would bring respite to the commutors soon.

3) Decent roads, mostly concrete, awesome sealink the best in the country, bigger sealinks and freeways, expressways in the pipe line and under construction. Good traffic sense in majority of drivers, people drive in lanes which is hardly found anywhere else in the country atleast i havent seen in Bangalore or Delhi.

4) Moderate climate, does not exceed 36 degrees in summers. Sometimes receives heavy rainfall which flood low lying places. However the rains brings out the best in the city and its neighbour hood hills and mountains with abudant waterfalls in close vicinity. Being a coastal city, Mumbai can boast of beaches and awesome water fronts and seafacing roads and houses. More seafronts are getting developed and in the ipeline.
Most options available for getaways which can be driven in 4-5 hrs, Hillstations, beaches etc.

Delhi :-

1) Lesser cosmopolitain compared to Mumbai, although there are people from all over the country, majority are from the neighbouring states. General perseption of people is rude and loud spoken and showoffs ( I speak from experience ). You are more likely to be cheated by an auto driver or taxi driver than Mumbai. You need to be loud to make your point.

2) Awesome metro service with latest trains and a/c comfort, the best in the country. High speed train link to the airport is also a first in the country.

3) The best roads in the country, well planned and maintained. More expressways in the pipeline.

4) Extreme climate, too hot and too cold. The good thing is you can have a seperate winter wardrobe owing to the chilly weather in winter. Both the cities are growing and poised to play a major role in the world.

If i look at comparing these 2 cities,

Delhi scores in infrastructure ( metro best roads ). Mumbai scores in everything else. After living in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai i can confidently say Mumbai offers a better quality of life. Infrastructe wise both cities would be
comparable in the next few years, but i cant say the same about other factors. Afterall Mumbai has the geographical adavantage.

Right now there is a funding bias from the Central Govt to Delhi and Delhi gets the lions share of Centre\’s funding for infrastrutue. While Mumbai contributes the max to the Govt revenues, it has got a step motherly treatment from the Centre in the last few years. Hope this changes soon!!

Vikram J

lol....no fights or arguments intended but people like this suhaan guy......arey bhai itni he gaaliyan dera hain toh Mumbai mein kya marne aaya hai kya ???? u can bad mouth Mumbai alllll you like...to your hearts content ,cuz reading ur article it seems u aint gona stop newhich ways !!! But seriously man, look around , you think any1 atall is pleading in fronta u to stay in Mumbai? Logic prevails everywhere....in this case, logic and simple common sense ( if u dont know wot tht is ) says - " u dont like a place, dont stay there".....As u said, mumbai is anyways too congested unlike ur home delhi....Delhi needs you boy....so you can jolly well accompany your ass back to your homeland in the north ! lolz !! Pardon me if im sounding like spreading regionalism here, trust me im not, but seriously, past 1 year u say ur in mumbai, yr u here ???? for an in-depth analysis of how bad Mumbai is ???? or to write a ptheisis on "Mumbai- the sum capital". LOLZ ! The people you r refering to, as sleeping on the streets...are they doing so by choice /???? you think they like living in the open ????? Dont you think you need to blame circumstances for that ??? who would like to be poor ??? & lastly ...if those people cant afford a living and are living on the streets, how does Mumbai become bad ????? What has poverty got to do ANYTHING atall with HOW A CITY FUNCTIONS ????? I AM THE 1st one to admit, Mumbai's state governement is nothing but a piece of EUNUCHS ! But by blabbering crap like you did, dont you feel you are undermining the everydays blood and sweat and hardwork put in by the common man by the middle class /??? Remember "pal" , Delhi has always been a richer city than Mumbai. Mumbai,if atall, is trying to come up the hard way with NOT MUCH HELP from your saviors , the central government ! Mumbai AVERAGES 18 hours of work each day ! ( AVERAGES !!! IMAGINE THE AGGREGATE ! ) and most of that blood and sweat is gone into paying taxes to our incompetent government !!! These very funds reach you and Mumbai is given step motherly treatment with hardly any returns !! Delhi will keep on advancing at a much quicker rate than Mumbai. PERIOD ! But who said Mumbai wont catch up ????? Advancing with a minimum of 50 times MORE FUNDS is much easier than advancing with hardly any funds ATALL RITE ????? Its like Warren Buffet taunting Vijay Mallya ! ....."hey ! im better than you !!! " lolz !!! both are rich..agreed...but dont you think that thers quite a LOT OF MARGIN IN THEIR GREEN POWER ????? ( if you know who warren buffet is me lad !! ) lolz !!!! Anways , i dont know y did i even justify all this to be honest, as no one is anwerable to you. All you need to know is , dont decay your ass off in Mumbai, its for common people !!!



madarchod suhaan.....tere dilhi me ja na .........bhadve.itna mumbai ke baare me tujhe lagta hai to........... bhosdike.............

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