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March 31, 2006


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i never knew jamshedpur is so b'ful... truly magnificent!

rama singh

i m also very well known of jubilee park.it's not only a very good place for recreation but also it is a glamour place.it is situated in sakchi. every day so many couples go their for dating.it has a very magnificient zoo where we can see variety of animals and birds.it was made by tata and gifted to jsr denizens.

rama singh.citizen of adityapur,jsr.now in pune.

whenever i feel boring,i use to go jubilee park and wipe out my all shys.it's a very beautifull place with so many magnificient looking lakes and showers,it has variety of animals,reptiles and birds.every day many married couples and youths go their for recretion.with so many lovely trees and plants it is the paradise of jsr.


name of the pond present of jublee park

wow power leveling

name of the pond present of jublee park

sunil singh

I am belongs from Steel City. My father had worked in TATA 35 years and i completed by college education. Now i am working in dubai last 3 years. Really steel city is the beautiful city. i loved to my city. i am working in dubai but my heart always in steel city. i love my city.

Syed Tausee Abedi

Steel City....guys dun go with the name because people who r from Jamshedpur have a real soft heart who always loves to welcome new people coming from various parts of the country..i m from Steel city and i just luv my place..whenever i visit my city it provide me all the mental and physical peace which i never get wen m away from city the Steel city...

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